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Tailoring your tribute

Every funeral is special, different and an individual family tribute to a unique and treasured life. With our family skills and talents all under one roof we are in a unique position to offer you a quality service that is truly value for money. Whilst our Basic Reduced Cost Funeral includes touches that add tremendous dignity and are rarely found in any entry level funeral, the enhancements automatically included within our standard funerals add a layer of personalisation not offered within the national standard "hearse only, direct to Crematorium funeral service." For example we always offer pauses of respect and detours en route to the service to commemorate a special place or memory: this is simply an additional way of celebrating special memories and is standard practice for us. We always offer tokens for children to decorate in tribute to involve them. Similarly our standard, popular funerals automatically include items and services such as printed Order of Service, framed enlarged keepsake photograph and a tribute memorial website for family to share. These enhancements are normally found only within premium funerals at additional costs. Please do compare not only the bottom line cost, but what is included that adds up to a premium quality and care at a time when your family needs it most - and is true value for money. Some examples are:

- no restriction on viewing, should you opt to see your loved one. We uniquely offer each family a key to our family suite so that you may attend during evenings, weekends and bank holidays and spend as much time as you need. This has been such a bonus for working members of the family, or where spending time with a loved one is such a key part of the process of coming terms.

- home visits during normal operation (not during the pandemic)
- a host of new ways of supporting you during the pandemic without putting you at risk: phone support, our webcast room, email and a doorstep visit - plus we host families here at viewing times and of course for services in our service hall

- our own service hall created at the beginning of the pandemic to allow safe services for 20 people, with a free webcast facility and an optional videography service
- our Celebrants or your Priest/Minister to lead your service
- wood tokens to decorate for children (all funerals)
- hand crafted flower cards and single roses to place (included freely with all flower orders from our florist)
- a tribute website given freely to all families to allow you to share memories, light virtual candles, commemorate events and anniversaries to come, as well as teh facility of a free funeral notice and the facility for the collection of online donations
- printed, designed order of service sheets with photos of your loved one (included with all premium funerals)
- photo enlargement for personalisation of chapel/inclusion within procession/ceremony as desired
- memorial star event for our woodland trees at Christmas (all funerals)
- memorial tree planting event each Spring (all funerals)

Caring suppliers put people and quality first
Our suppliers share our philosophy and are small family firms where attention to detail still matters - or individual artists and crafts-people who put their hearts and souls into each piece. We avoid the mass-made market and large supply chain, in the interests of passing on quality at the fairest cost to the families with whom we work.

View our handcrafted cards. View our range of coffins


Team Kane & the benefits for you
We value our staff highly. We are nothing without them and we regard every one of them as part of our extended family. We encourage our people to feel empowered to use their skills and talents to transform every job that they do with us into a fulfilling and rewarding experience. So when we offer our own family author, graphics designer, music editor, embalmer, and allied stone-mason company, you gain a little of those skills, talents and life experiences, from people who put lots into their role and who pull together as one terrific team.

Notices and Catering
You will have all the support you need with your obituary and acknowledgement notice, should you opt for a newspaper notice (by no means essential these days), with your choice of floral tributes and a range of knowliedge of catering options and venues, should you require help with these.

Traditional and eco-coffin range
Our traditional coffins are supplied directly by a father and son family firm and offer a range of elegant designs and finishes. Our lowest priced coffin is wood veneer light oak with beaded lid and base with all furnishings and interior.
All materials are from sustainable sources and having toured the family production base, we are impressed with the attention paid to the environment at every stage of manufacture, packaging and transport.
Our eco-coffins in bamboo, willow, pine and pinboo are from sustainable forest sources, grown in licensed plantations and transported nested to use less fuel per journey per coffin than on a 2 mile car journey. All products have fair trade status and are 100% natural and biodegradeableOur willow options are hand-made English products.

Funeral Transport options
Other options than our motor hearse and limousines include the evocative camper van. Where these vehicles have particular resonance with families, there is no more touching tribute for a final journey. We also offer the motorcycle hearse, where the coffin travels in a specially constructed sidecar. There are always alternative options for fellow cyclists to lead the procession. Plus our very popular special touch of a horse-drawn hearse for your loved one, either white with white horses (known as greys) or black with black horses - or a combination as desired.
We have also use other forms of transport to pay tribute to the work or life of the family loved one and these have included an HGV wagon provided on more than one occasion by Bradford companies as tributes to their colleague - so please do discuss your thoughts with us if you have special requests.

Service design and leadership
You may have links with a church and priest or minister - and we will make arrangements for your service with your chosen church and minister. We also have our own Funeral Celebrants. Rose Kane and Megan Harrison are experienced in this field and offer very personal services which may include Christian prayer and words, or be entirely Humanist in nature - but always focusing on the celebration of a unique life as you feel is most appropriate. Additionally, we work closely with the Rev. Roy Wheatley, a free-lance Minister who offers both traditional forms of service where these are preferred plus very personal services crafted to suit the family and not limited by the traditional form of funeral service, and with Jeff Baker, a Humanist Celebrant and ex police officer.

As a brother and sister raised by a Catholic father and Anglican mother, we (Rose and Bill Kane) are both confirmed Catholics and retain a strong affinity with the churches and Priests across our region - and via mum, we also attended the Anglican church for many years, serving in several capacities from sound system operation, verger, playwright, girls' brigade teacher at Bradford Cathedral. With a keen interest in the multi-cultural spiritualism of Bradford families, we have been proud to serve families and learn about the funeral practices followed by Sikhs, Hindus, the Baha'i Faith, Jehovah's Witnesses, Spiritualists, Pagans and to learn something new each time.

If you do not have a relationship with a minister it may be helpful to know that Rose and Megan regularly work with families to help say the words that are in your hearts in a way that best suits your loved one and you - individually, uniquely and memorably. Rose is a writer, holds an honours degree in English literature and is a registered member of the Association of Independent Celebrants. Megan is a former teacher with an honours degree and is also a member of the Association of Independent Celebrants.

Choice of bearer team
Our dedicated staff team are all trained to our in-house certification levels for each role and by the IFD College in Health and Safety. Training is updated each year.


This is your tribute and we will help you to do this your way.

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This is not a payment plan, and doesn't commit you to us or any funeral director.
It is a form that allows you or someone close to you to select options that will one day help to guide family members through the planning of the funeral.
It is completely free - and covers every detail.

Similar forms are available on many internet sites, but we have tried to simplify the layout and order of the form for you within our version.

If you would like a copy, simply click here to download, or if you would like us to post a pre-printed copy send an s.a.e to:

Kane Family Funerals Ltd, 253a Allerton Road, Bradford BD15 7QU.

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