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The funeral service  


Many purposes
The funeral service marks a significant stage in the grieving process; it allows us to celebrate and pay tribute to a life; it allows us to carry out any formal wishes that our loved one had regarding their funeral; it helps us to express support for each other; for Christians, it helps us to say farewell to the body of a loved one as they move from the stage of life's journey that we have shared to the natural next stage of being.

Parts of the service
As a broad guide a funeral service has five parts that flow naturally into each other.
1. Introduction
Welcomes everyone, states why we are here and reminds us whose life this service commemorates.
2. Consolation
Words that might set the tone of the service - perhaps words about the sadness and love that close family are feeling - and also words that will help console the family. These can be a Bible reading, a prayer, a poem - or something that our loved one would say to us right now.
3. Tribute
Words about our loved one's life. Sometimes a close family member or friend will read these words.
4. Reflection
Often music is played whilst we think about and pray silently for our loved one. Sometimes a prayer or favourite words may follow.
5. Commendation
A prayer or words that commend our loved one to God (If a religious service) or that wish them well and offer them our love if a humanist service. Words of comfort are often included for the family.
6. Committal
If there is to be a burial, the committal takes place at the graveside and the service ends with the commendation.
If there is to be a cremation, the committal words follow. These words commit the body of our loved one to the elements and their spirit to God, or the next stage of their life.

Music is important and often associated with special memories. Share your thoughts with us. There are so many options available from recorded to live options, soloists or full choirs. At a standard cremation service music is often played on entry into the chapel, during reflection and after the committal before family and friends leave.


The service is a tribute and celebration of a life, an expression of support and a significant step in the grieving process.  

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