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 Our Rooms of Rest

Our Rooms of Rest

We don't use the term 'Chapel of Rest' because we like to provide a 'home from home' welcoming environment, so that you feel you are simply stepping into another comfortable room in the funeral home, just as you would at home if you had come to visit your relative or friend.So our rooms are Rooms of Rest.

Two rooms have a Yorkshire landscape, restful theme and one has a more exotic, warm, calm feel. In the rare instances where we care for a child who has passed,our smallest room of rest is fitted as is appropriate to the baby or child, complete with cot where suitable, to resenble a natural children's bedroom.

We respect and honour all faiths and will display religious artefacts and pictures - either yours or ours wherever you feel that your loved one would like this, and you will be asked about this when we make the arrangements with you. But we do not enforce religious artefacts if they were not something that your loved one would naturally have around at home. It is important first and foremost that everything is as relaxed and normal as possible for you.


Coastal 3 Coastal5 Coastal1
Coastal Room of Rest Coastal Room of Rest - detail Coastal Room of Rest
Moorland4 Moorland3 Moorland1
Moorland Room of Rest Moorland Room of Rest - detail Moorland Room of Rest
Safari Room 2 Safari 3 safari2
Safari Room of Rest Safari Room of Rest - detail Safari Room of Rest
Service chapel 1 Service Chapel Front Service Chapel 2
Family Private Service Chapel Family Private Service Chapel Family Private Service Chapel
Service Chapel Detail Service Chapel 6 Coviid Service Chapel lamp
Family Service Chapel - detail Family Service Chapel - detail Family Service Chapel - detail
Children2 Children 3 children's room of rest
The Children's Room of Rest Children's Room of Rest - detail Children's Room of Rest

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