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Reduced Family Funeral - Burial
This funeral includes:

Removal and daily care of your loved one and laying to rest until the funeral in a closed coffin (Please note that the cost as listed does not include embalming or the option to view the body of your love one at our premises prior to the funeral, but you will find the cost of this itemised on this page, should you wish to add on the option).

All necessary arrangements at our office within business hours

Light oak veneer coffin with full furnishings and white frilled interior

Choice of gown or use of own clothes for your loved one to wear

Allocated time the afternoon prior to the funeral for close members of family to attend to sit with the closed coffin should they wish to do so

Free notice of unlimited length published on our Website

Our motor hearse, full staff and Funeral Director for the Funeral

Procession to the Cemetery, meeting the family at the graveside

Complimentary enlargement and framing of your chosen photograph of your loved one to travel with the Cortege and be displayed during the graveside service. This photograph is returned to you, framed as a keepsake. All photographs will be repaired of cracks and optimised to their best quality by our graphic designer

Our Celebrant to conduct the service at the graveside. Please note that additional church fees will apply for services within church and some church Ministers will charge more than our Celebrant to conduct a service at the graveside or in the Crematorium Chapel.Optional costs for alternatives inclusive of the cost for use of the Crematorium Chapel for a service prior to the burial are shown below,

25 x Order of Service printed on 200 gsm silk card, featuring your choice of cover photo and full colour design

6 x complimentary single roses for the close relatives to place on the coffin

Hand-crafted complimentary floral and hobby themed flower cards for close family members (included with all orders from our florist)

Our own florist to help you should you wish to use her (please note that the cost of your choice of flowers is the one element that is not included within the costs shown)

Complimentary wooden tokens for children to decorate in tribute and to be decorated on behalf of family pets as their contribution where desiredafter the burial

Purchase of a new inner plot within any Bradford Cemetery of choice.

Opening of grave to a depth for burial of one person.

Administration of donations

A solid oak marker cross with plate to mark the grave

Entry in our Book of Memory

Invitation to our annual Christmas Memorial Tree Event to place stars on the English trees we buy in to commemorate the male, female and young lives lost during the previous year

Invitation to our annual Tree Planting at Bingley St Ives, where the young trees are planted and the ash from the stars that bore your messages at Christmas are buried with their roots. At this event - open to all teh family plus family pets, the names of all your loved ones from the previous year are read out as the trees are planted.

Any additional options that you may choose to add on to this funeral


As listed above £3,590

Options you may wish to add on or deduct to tailor this funeral to suit you and your family.

If a card coffin is desired for ecological reasons, please deduct £40

Prior Service conducted by our Celebrant within a Crematorium Chapel (i.e. hire of Chapel Fee plus additional service time) - add £210

Additional costs for Minister/Priest - add £75-95 for graveside or service within Crematorium Chapel

Additional costs for prior use of Anglican Church - add £40 Verger, £75 approx organise and Diocesan fee of £100-£200

Additional costs for prior use of R/C Church - add £40 Verger (does not always apply) and £75 organist (but some Priests will allow use of recorded music which saves this fee)

Embalming and open coffin with prior visits to our premises before the funeral to see your loved one - add £190

Family Limousine and departure from home on the funeral day. (Limousine seats 7 people)- add £195 if hearse is to accompany the limousine to the house and add just £170 if the limousine is to depart from the house and meet the hearse at the Crematorium entrance

Simple Newspaper notice, naming the next of kin and grouping other family members under the relationship name (Up to 30 lines) E.g. beloved wife of John, treasured mum, sister, nanna and aunt. add £135

To open the grave to a depth to bury two persons within it, please add £85, For three person depth please add £220 and for four person depth please add £305. Please note that 4 person depth openings are available only in some cemeteries and this would be confirmed at the time of need.

If you already own a grave with space for the burial deduct £1100.

If a memorial exists on a grave which is to be used for the burial, add approx £200 for removal of the memorial to allow the grave to be opened.

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