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Public Service Discount

We offer this discount to help current public sector employees and families where your loved one who has passed away was a former public sector employee until they retired or became ill or where the immediate next of kin is currently employed within the public sector.

The minimum discount offered is £50 reduction from our service fees on settlement, with additional discounts also offered at our discretion on some optional items such as additional complimentary Order of Service and hire of a second or third limousine.

This discount is not available on the reduced funeral range where significant discount is already applied, nor does it apply to the funerals of babies and young persons aged under 16 as there is no professional services fee levied on these funerals.

The discount does apply to all Signature Simple and Standard Funerals.
The discount will be applied only upon full and final settlement.
Only one of our discounts available per family.

The offer is available where the following applies:

your loved one who has passed away worked for the Public Services

the immediate next of kin who is responsible for the funeral settlement (wife/husband, son/daughter, (parent in the sad loss of a young person aged over 16 or sibling if there are no closer ralatives to arrange the funeral) currently works for the Public Services

the relative who is arranging the funeral (only where there are no immediate relatives) currently works for the Public Services. In this case the relative could be a grand-child or nephew/niece- but this is the only case where this applies.

Proof of eligibility - current works ID card or pension statement may be requested.


We have both worked within the NHS and Public Service field during our careers and we do this to help a little during times made harder by the pay cap.  

public service discount

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