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Planning and Costs 

If you have just lost someone, please know that you can call us, day or night, for reassurance, help and advice. All calls are answered personally by Bill or Rose Kane.

Your sitting room or ours?
In normal times, we will invite you to the sitting room at our premises to plan the details of the funeral - or we will come to see you at home if that is easier for you. During the Pandemic, we have created a host of ways of helping you to plan, whilst keeping you safe, and these include some additioonal facilities that we supply freely to all families to help you to support each other too and to include people both distancing and physically at a distance. We have also craeted a Service Hall that will seat 40 people during normal times, but during the pandemic, can safely host up to 20 family members, seated in bubbles, for a full, gentle and kinder service than you can experience these days at teh severly restricted crematoria.

Cremation or Burial choices
You may have already made a decision about cremation or burial but we will advise and help if you need to discuss these options. In the case of burial, we have the expertise to assist with cemetery searches etc and in the case of cremation, we will supply you with information to help you and your family choose an option that feels right for you when you feel ready to discuss what you might wish to do with the cremated remains.

Our example costs
Follow the link below to see our current costs.
Personal touches are included in all cases.

Quotations available
Detail is important and varies greatly with each family requirement. Please call us to discuss your specific needs and to obtain a detailed, no obligation quotation. We will work with you to help you to tailor your tribute in memory of your loved one.
Our example costs and some of the options listed within these may help you to begin to prioritise some of the aspects that feel right for you.

Struggling to meet Funeral Costs? - Our Reduced Funeral
Where families are struggling and qualify for government financial assistance towards a funeral payment, we do offer a reduced cost funeral for these circumstances - or indeed in any circumstances where it may be the philosophy of the family to choose an 'essentials only' funeral.

Please follow this link for more detail.

Pre-paid Funeral Plans
One of the most practical steps you may wish to consider is to plan and pay for your funeral at today’s costs, in advance of the time. Pre-paid plans offer you and your family peace of mind and help families to proceed, in the certainty that your wishes are being followed. Terms are very flexible, including options to pay all at once or to pay in very affordable instalments - with payment breaks if required. A Will option is also available should this provision be something that you have not yet considered. We offer the Golden Charter Independent Way pre-paid funeral plan and will come to see you to discuss details at your convenience, or during the pandmic will advise and talk through options by telephone at your convenience. Just call our number for further information, a booklet and details.

More online about Golden Charter pre-paid Funeral Plans

Our FREE Funeral Wishes Plan
Download our free Funeral Wishes Plan to leave a helping hand with your family. This simple form allows you to tick your preferred wishes, leave notes about hymns/music etc and outline desired detail. Simply leave it with a member of your family so that it might continue to help them at a painful time when decisions can be difficult. No obligation to us - simply something to help give you peace of mind - and at no cost.

Free Funeral Wishes Plan – download here

If you have friends or family who cannot access this website, then please send an s.a.e to our address and we will post you a pre-printed form.

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Every funeral is a fitting tribute to a precious life & a comfort to those who shared that life.  
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