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We will not bombard you with details about Coronavirus that you can easily find on government sites and elsewhere: this page is dedicated to how best we might help you to give your loved one the best tribute possible and how we might continue to hold out a hand at such a sad and worrying time for you.

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Our Funerals to help you during this period

During the Covid ID Pandemic, our aim is to work within guidelines and legislation but offer you your human right to say farewell with a form of ceremony and service. To this end our 50 seat Chapel of Rest remains open for close family (15 persons areallowed to enable safe distancing) to hold a service lead by our Celebrant who will conduct either Christian or Humanist services, or by your Minister of choice. Operating In a safe and curtailed framework, there have to be some restrictions and we are sure you will understand the following:

- Our limousines will not operate during this period to minimise proximity
-Our offices are open only for essential contact bu appointment - not for a casual drop-in service: this is to make sure that all families are protected.

- Our 24 hour telephone service is of course fully available to support you all of the time
- All arrangements of both funerals and services will be by telephone and email to minimise contact until we get together on the day
- Collection of cash donations will not operate during this period but we do provide a free online tribute pagefor you to share both the funeral notice and to collect donations online, as well as create a tribute page of memories that can be shared by wider family who may wish to participate in this way and light candles etc.

- One face to face visit wiol be made at the door of your home prior to the funeral for signature of forms and handover of personal items
-Where viewing is agreed, we will meet with the agreed number of visitors on teh first visit and will offer you a key so that you have out of hours access also.
- We request that payments are made by debit card or BACS wherever possible
- We are operating a take home servioce, where the body of your loved one is brought home before the funeral - but only in cases where a swab test has shown no Covid 19 infection and where no member of the family is showing symptoms or isolating or shielding.Similarly for natural cause deaths with negatice Coviod swab test, we will allow you time to spend with your loved one prior to the service with an open coffin. Sadly in cases where Covid 19 is positive the coffin must be closed but we will of course offer a full service of farewell in our chapel - even more imporatnt when visits have been restricted by nursing homes/hospitals.

To help during this difficult and worrying period we have reduced costs as we do not believe that we can offer a streamlined service at the same cost as a funeral within normal circumstances. However our costs are fully up to date and include Bradford Council's raised 2020 costs which apply from 8th June.Please note that our funerals include include our offer of a prior service of farewell and life celebration at our Chapel for close family - with facilities for webcasting of the service for family who cannot join us. We continue to offer the option of direct cremation only followed by a later celebration of life, and we have shown the restricted service that Bradford Council; have offered at the Crematorium from 8th June..

Our Intimate Family Funeral Service (based on Cremation) Our Traditional Family Funeral Service (based on Cremation)

This funeral offers families the opportunity to say farewell and celebrate life within our new family chapel (for limited numbers of 15 during the pandemic - but at a much reduced price which we feel fairly reflects the restrictions we are all enforced to apply during the risk of the spread of Coronavirus. This funeral is based on a choice of closed coffin, but we do still offer viewing by arrangement where families feel it is necessary to them and where the cause of death is not Covid 19 in origin (i.e. where a swab test has been taken) The additional cost for the option of viewing is shown with each funeral.

This funeral entails meeting at our premises, for a family focused service at a leisurely pace of up to 45 mins to an hour led by our Celebrant,or your Minister, with your choice of 3-4 pieces of music which we will source and play for you, and family contributions to the service if desired. Our new family space seats 50 during normal times of operation but during this period we are restricting attendamce to just close family - approx 15 people - and we will advise with each funeral. This is so that we can offer a spread out, safet space. It is an opportunity to both celebrate life and say farewell under no time pressure, and to place single flowers which we will provide.

Our complimentary services include the enlargement and framing of your chosen photograph, single flowers to placek, wooden shapes for childremn to decorate, an online tribute web page area for family to share and build on, an online notice, online donations to share and watch together, keepsake printed Order of Service, a Webcast service for wider family to participate in real time. Plus two memorial evants - stars at Christmas and a tree planting.

The actual Cremation is carried out the following day with no mourners present - and although some people pause for thought at this, when you think carefully about it, you are not present for the actual cremation in any case (unless your faith requires it). So this is actually no different from holding a service at any Crematorium Chapel and then leaving before the coffin is taken for Cremation: the difference is that you are allowed more leisurely time to say what you need to say, to contribute and to create a memorable and personal service that is supportive during such a sad time.

By arrangement the private service may be videod for family to keep and send to other members who cannot attend. The fee for this is additional and will be advised on request. The webcast fee is included in the cost.

Costs - £2,741 (closed coffin) / £2,911 (with prior visit to spend time with your loved one's open coffin)

Following the announcement that Bradford Council will now allow nly a Minister or Celebrant into the Crematorium, to deliver a brief 20 minute service with 2 pieces of music and Committal, we have created a traditional hearse only service with procession that will allow you to have a prior full 45 minute to an hour's service at our Chapel, with procession either from the family home (or past teh family home en route to teh Crematorium) and also procession after the service at our Chapel to the Crematorium. For the Bradford Council part of things at the Crematorium, just 10 mourners are allowed inside for teh Committal, whilst a further 10 may wait outside.However, at our Chapel, the prior service will allow 15 mopurners to attend, plus a further 12 people via webcast, so that additional family members who may be at a distance or isolating, may also participate.

The funeral includes procession from home if desired, or you may opt to meet at our priovate chapel, a wood veneer coffin, all professional services, full staff to carry the coffin and assist with transfer, the use of our private chapel for up to 15 family members, with webcast for wider family to participate, your choice of 3-4 pieces of music, printed keepsake order of service and framed,enlarged photograph, single flowers for family to place, wooden tokens for children to decorate and all our complimentary additions. Following the private service led by our Celebrant or your Minister, we will process to the Crematorium , where up to 10 mourners may go i9nto the chapel and 10 may stand outside whilst the coffin is taken in for a few words of plus Committaland a concluding piece of music. The Crematoriua in Bradford have no facilities to webcast this part of teh service..

£3,311 (closed coffin and full service at our premises) and £3,481 (where open coffin is desired and practicable).


Bradford Council Crematoria Based Brief Service

You may opt to have a brief, restricted 20 minute service at teh Crematoria Chapel only, where Bradford Council are now allowing 10 people inside the chapel and 10 people outside. However, the service is limited to a strict 20 minutes with two pieces of music, no-one allowed to touch or place anything on teh coffin and fines imposed should either service lengeth or numbers exceed the stipulated rules.

Obviously with high volume of services, there will be cleaning required in between each one so this is of course a very restricted option.

The cost is exactly teh same as the cost our funerals with a prior service in our private chapel of rest.

£3,311 (closed coffin and brief Crematorium service) and £3,481 (open coffin for prior viewing and brief Crematorium Service).

We do advise that you look at our Intimate and Tradirtional options which by comparison present much higher quality for cost, simply because we have the time to offer our chapel and its facilities for a more relaxed service, with webcasting.



Our Private Family Funeral Service (Based on Burial)

Personalised Simple Family Funeral - Burial with all required services, this hearse only funeral offers a private service at our Chapel of rest for immediate family (15 persons are our safetyrequirement) but a further 12 households may webcast in to participate in the service.followed by procession to the cemetery where 20 persons are allowed by Bradford Council.

We include the fee for any of : our Celebrant, a Catholic Priest, a Church Minister,

This funeral includes:

Removal and daily care of your loved one

All necessary arrangements - conducted by telephone and a visit to your home - where teh forms may be signed outside, for safety but we may meet face to face.

Professional embalming & restoration by our own Embalmer (where desired) - but not in instances where death is from Covid-19.

Light oak effect wood coffin with full furnishings and interior

Choice of gown or your choice of own clothes for your loved one to wear

Provision of family suite for your family to visit prior to the funeral service where open coffin is desired (Unfortunately we cannot offer this option if deajh is from Covid-19).

Free Tribute Site for family to share with free online notice, collection of donations, candles to light, and an area to share precious memories, to help family at a distance feel a part of things;

Our motor hearse, full staff and Funeral Director for the Burial

Procession from our Chapel with full dignity with an option to pass the family home if desired

Complimentary enlargement and framing of up to 5 photos of your loved one & their family to personalise the viewing room (if open coffin) plus a main photograph for the procession and service. This photograph is returned to you, framed as a keepsake. All photographs will be repaired of cracks and optimised to their best quality by our graphic designer

Pause of respect wherever required on the journey

Sourcing and purchase of your chosen 3-4 pieces of music for the service, burning of a service CD and pre-test of the CD

Full colour, personalised, designed keepsake Order of Service

Our Celebrant or your choice of Priest/Minister to conduct the service in our private Chapel prior to burial (please note that numbers are limited to 15 to allow safe distancing) but we do offer an optional video service and are looking at webcast to allow additional members to be part of the service online.

10 x complimentary single stem flowers with all flower orders from our florist, for close family members to place within the grave

Hand-crafted complimentary floral and hobby themed flower cards for close family members

Complimentary wooden tokens for children to decorate in tribute and to be decorated on behalf of family pets as their contribution where desired

6 x complimentary helium balloons and a metallic heart or star for younger members of the family to release at the close of the burial where young people are in attendance

A solid oak wooden marker cross with plate

All Bradford Council costs for purchase of an inner position new grave plot at any Bradford Cemetery (please note that there are cost variations available for Leeds, Skipton, Huddersfield and other areas)

All Bradford Council costs for the opening of the grave to a depth for burial of one person (optional further costs for deeper graves are available)

To open the grave to a depth to bury two persons within it, please add £85, For three person depth please add £220 and for four person depth please add £305. Please note that 4 person depth openings are available only in some cemeteries and this would be confirmed at the time of need.

Entry in our Book of Memory

Access to free professional beraevement counselling services

Invitation to our annual Christmas Memorial Tree Event to place stars on the English trees we buy in to commemorate the male, female and young lives lost during the previous year

Invitation to our annual Tree Planting at Bingley St Ives, where the young trees are planted and the ash from the stars that bore your messages at Christmas are buried with their roots. At this event - open to all the family plus family pets, the names of all your loved ones from the previous year are read out as the trees are planted.

Any additional options that you may choose to add on to this funeral that are permitted within the safety guidelines

Costs & payment options

As listed above with open coffin for prior viewing at our premises - - £4,8083 (Includes purchase of new grave plot and opening for depth on one person burial)

A deposit to cover all grave costs is required, plus any additional third party options chosen such as flowers, use of church, Ministers other than our Celebrant. The minimum deposit where a new grave is required is £2,500 and £1,500 where the grave with space already exists.

The funeral may be paid by deposit with settlement within the terms or in advance in which case we deduct £100 pounds for prompt advance settlement..

Options you may wish to add or deduct in order to tailor this funeral to your needs

.Simple Newspaper Notice (with name of next of kin and relationships of additional family members) - add £140 to the deposit payment.

Full newspaper notice, featuring close family member names - add £160 to the deposit payment

If you already own a grave with space for the burial of your loved one, please deduct £1181

If the family do not wish to spend time with the open coffin prior to the funeral and no viewing or chapel of rest is required, then please deduct £85

If a memorial exists on a grave which is to be used for the burial, add approx £250 for removal of the small memorial E.g. a small fixed book or tablet, £350 for medium upright headstone and £450 for headstone with surrouinding kerb-sets. The removal is required in order to allow the grave to be opened.

Our Direct Cremation Service (no mourners present) with the option of a Memorial Service later

Sometimes direct cremation is the funeral of choice either because the philosophy is to keep things very simple, or because you wish to hold a more publicly attended Memorial Service at a later date when it is safe to invite many people.

The basic Direct Funeral is funeral includes collection and simple care of your loved one, a wood veneer coffin, transport to the local Crematorium for a direct cremation with no mourners present, and collection of the cremated remains.Our offer of a shared online tribute area is extended to you, so that you might begin to build an online memorial tribute page with family and friends


Delivery Only/Closed Coffin/No Mourners/No Service - £1,495 inclusive for the Direct Cremation

However, during this period when Bradford Council are not allowing mourners into the Crematorium, they have made a few concessions in line with other Yorkshire Crematoris and the notification of each concession has resulted in the option of a Direct PLUS Cremation (i.e. a Direct Service that includes a little more. The following funerals apply during the pandemic period, if you desire a direct type of service.


We advise, if you require a service - words to be said and music to be played, that you use our private Chapel where 15 family members may be seated with distance between varying households, and where you might express your love and memories in a relaxed way and a supportive, welcoming environment with webcast facilities for wider famiiy to participate and our music system to play your chosen hymns or music.

Indicative Costs for Memorial Service held at a later date

£380 (use of any Bradford Crematorium Chapel plus our Celebrant to create and lead the service


just £290 within our private service space


Following a death due to Covid-19
In the tragic instance of a death from Covid-19 please talk to us. There will be additional restrictions and viewing and open coffin is not permissible for safety reasons, but given our private chapel space and ability to video, we offer a full service of celebration of life for families once the isolation period is copmpleted - with of course the webcast and video facilities for families at a distance.
A note about Celebrants

. Our Celebrant supplies Christian or Humanist Services, as do many Celebrants. Using a Celebrant does not mean that you are limited to a Humanist Service. We always offer a service to suit your loved one and you - and where we do so with faith, we do so with personal faith.

We state this so that you know that should your Minister be unable to attend our Chapel for any reason, we do have someone who would help, and with faith.


Our Woodland Burial Service

Our Woodland Burial Funeral continues to run with the restricted numbers of attendees for distancing. The barn is not in use for services or wakes, but a service in our family space prior to graveside Committal may be held.

Woodland Burial

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