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Burial & Cremation (notes)

After the service, we will place the flowers outside for everyone to see (unless you decide otherwise), As most hospitals and nursing homes no longer accept these, many people assume that they should be left at the Crematorium - but they are your flowers and your tribute to an individual life - so we will help you to plan a suitable use for them that your loved one would have approved of.
The close of service is a difficult and painful moment - but we will offer you options of privacy for a moment - and most of all we will be there for you.
There is no rule-book and you do not have to lead theprocession out. Also as you rejoin friends, you may wish to commemorate your loved ones life in a special way -a nd whether this be a dove release, a balloon release for children, or the distribution of something that your loved one would approve of, we will help you to continue to mark a unique and special life at this momemnt - in a way that will resonate with everyone.

Options for Cremated Remains
Cremated Remains are normally available within a day or two of the service, depending on what day the service falls. You will want to think about whether you wish to keep the remains, whether there is a special place where you wish to scatter them, or whether you would like a burial plot where you can place flowers. You do not have to take any immediate decisions and we will help you to examine the options available and choose the right one for you. Our Memorial Gallery features a wide range of keepsakes and jewellery following cremation as well as a wide range of memorial stone, lettered and fitted by Bill Kane - so we are well equipped to give you all the time you need once you feel ready to look at options.

Burial - Church graveyards and Bradford MDC graveyards
You will have some time at the graveside after the burial service and we will advise you in advance of what has helped other people at this point. The flowers will be close by for you to look at and will be carefully placed on the grave for you to see when you return to visi, along with a marker cross with engraved plate that we provide for you. Cards are often left in situ but if you wish, we can collect these for you to keep - and if at this point you wish to involve young ones in a balloon or dove release or to commemorate the life of your loved one with live music or the sharing of tokens, we will help and advise as you decide on the very personal options that feel right..

Burial - Woodland
Woodland burial offers the option for burial in an area of land provided within an existing burial ground or in land that has been specifically dedicated to conservation over a number of years and that is to be matured into woodland through the planting of trees. Woodland burial provides nature's setting and is an option for all funerals where burial is designated and is also an option for the burial of cremated remains: it does not follow that because you have a church service, you have to have a burial ceremony in a standard church graveyard or city cemetery.

There are particular rules that apply to woodland burial: the coffin has to be completely biodegradeable, so the natural cardboard, bamboo, willow and wood options are often used, with the natural cotton lining and cotton or wool ties instead of plastic or metal handles. Headstones are not used for commemoration in woodland burial grounds: normally a simple biodegradeable marker is allowed, or a tree is planted after a time. Graves are single space depths, to avoid disturbing the ground by re-opening and to allow the natural conditions & wildlife habitats to establish. Embalming is not allowed. There are local options available so please ask us if this is something that you feel would be the right thing to do for your loved one.


Our most important aim is to help you through.  

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