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 How the Funeral is invoiced - Deposits
All Funeral Directors who are members of a Professional Association and operate to inspected standards will normally request a deposit payment in advance of the funeral.

The deposit payment will cover the third party costs associated with the funeral - some of which have to be paid in advance of the day (the Cremation, Burial & grave costs, newspaper notices, medical referee fees and officiating Minister/Church fees where applicable, flowers, third party print costs, and any other options added to upgrade the chosen funeral.

The remainder of the cost represents our professional, technical, vehicle and staff services and is invoiced after the funeral.

The deposit required

For our Simple, Standard and Statement range of funerals the deposit is as follows:
Cremation (Simple/Simple Plus Funeral/Standard) £1,250 plus any additional third party options added to the funeral (E,g, choice of flowers and Church additional costs).
Burial (Simple/Simple Plus Funeral/Standard) - £2,500 (includes cost of new grave, so please deduct £1,008 if a grave with space exists) plus any additional third party options added to the funeral(E.g. choice of flowers and Church additional costs)

Occasions where the deposit may be waived
Where funds are fully guaranteed via a pre-paid funeral plan, within the estate account or via insurance and where settlement will be prompt following teh funeral, we are willing to waive the advance payment to assist you at the most stressful time.

Non-Guaranteed Funds - E.g DWP Funeral Grant
Sadly, where funds do not exist and the family intends to apply to the DWP for the Funeral Benefit Grant, the Funeral Grant is not a guaranteed payment and where awarded represents on average under fifty per cent of a reduced funeral total cost.

We offer the reduced funeral range to help families who may be struggling to keep the costs down, so that even if the grant is not awarded, the debt to be repaid is as low as possible. Because this funeral represents mainly third party costs, we require all third party costs and any additions added to the funeral to be paid in full three working days in advance of the funeral date.

Reduced funerals minimum deposits

Reduced Cremation funeral - £950

Private and Direct Cremation Funeral - fully payable in advance

Reduced burial funeral £950 plus grave costs

Any additional options chosen that are not listed within the reduced funeral will be added to the deposit so that the final amount owing remains within the limits of the average grant that may be awarded and within the limits of the family budget.
The additional options that you may wish to add to the deposit are your choice of flowers, church fees, embalming and the option to view, family limousine, printed Order of Service etc.

We support responsible undertaking and will strive to offer care and dignity whilst maintaining a cap on the budget for a family who do not have the guaranteed funds available. To this end, we will never propose items that you cannot afford.

We do not accept payment instalment terms for either deposit payment or for settlement.

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