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Staying close

Everyone grieves differently. Our aim is to help you through the process, in whatever way you most need us. What follows has helped some people. We simply want you to know that these options are here - and if there is something else that we can do for you, all you have to do is say.

Doing things for your loved one
After caring for someone who has been ill, you will be used to being busy and focusing on that person. You will want to choose what your loved one will wear - and if you choose own clothes, you will want to prepare these. We will also talk to you about a photograph so that we might agree the style of hair and makeup if applicable. These practical things as well as items that you may wish to place with your loved one help you to feel close. In addition and if you like the idea, we will display favourite family photos to personalise the chapel where your loved one will rest and to really make it "their space." These photos that you supply will be enlarged (plus cracks repaired etc if you wish) with all enlargements returned to you to share with your family. You may wish to choose items that your loved one would like to keep close to them, or even have displayed at the service.

Saying the words that never got said
There are many ways to talk to your loved one. We always talk aloud to ours, as well as pray for them, and we feel they are never far away. It can be helpful to write little notes - and especially young family members may wish to place a few words with a grand-parent or special family member. There are some regulations about objects that are placed in coffins - but do ask about favourite things or photos that your loved one may wish to hold, and we will advise you. Additionally it's always a great tribute to display something that was so much part of a life's achievement or character on top of the coffin, where appropriate - a favourite cap, musical instrument or cricket bat - for example.
We will create a website for you to share with family and friends, and this is also a comforting way to post memories, photos, light candles, remind each other of so many special mopments - and the website is something that you will keep beyond the funeral, to re-visit and expand over time, as the anniversaries occur.

Helping with care
If you have been a carer, the period before the funeral can feel as if your loved one is now handed over to us and you are helpless. If you wish to style your loved one's hair or help with final preparation touches, we will support you in staying this close, if that feels right for you.

Viewing options
You may come to see your loved one at one of our chapels of rest via special key access that allows unlimited time for you and your family in or outside business hours. Or you may wish us to bring your relative home or to church on the evening before the funeral. We will support you and your family fully in that. Alternatively, many people prefer to remember a loved one as they were in everyday life and do not feel the need to see them after death. There are no rights and wrongs - just differences - and you will know what is right for you. Just tell us your preferences and let us help.


We do this in memory of our loved ones, and so we strive each time to help you through the important days before the funeral and make these as comforting as possible.  

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